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Class: FormComponentTestCase

Source Location: /tests/cases/template/components/form/form.test.php

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Class Variables

$Control =

Type:   mixed

Class Methods

constructor FormComponentTestCase

FormComponentTestCase FormComponentTestCase( [mixed $name = 'FormComponentTestCase'])

method testEnsureDatabaseAvailable

void testEnsureDatabaseAvailable( )

method testFindLabel

Should test registerFilter, prepare and registerDataSource but lazy right now...

void testFindLabel( )

method testFindLabelNotFound

void testFindLabelNotFound( )

method testHasErrors

void testHasErrors( )

method testHasErrorsNone

void testHasErrorsNone( )

method testPreserveState

void testPreserveState( )

method testSetErrors

void testSetErrors( )

method testSetErrorsTricky

void testSetErrorsTricky( )

method testSetErrorsWithMock

void testSetErrorsWithMock( )
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