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Web Application Component Toolkit: API Documentation

WACT API Documentation

Documentation Philosophy

WACT contains inline comments using the phpDoc Standard, used to provide basic API documentation.

With a framework of this nature, basic API documentation does not provide a rich enough medium of knowledge transfer. To supplement the inline comments, the WACT Wiki, found at http://wact.sourceforge.net, is intended to provide additional information, user experiences, examples and so on. Within the inline comments are links directly to the revelant WIKI page, for each class and function.

Please feel free to contribute your input to the WIKI as you browse the API documentation. Doing so will help push WACT beyond being "Yet Another Framework" into a serious PHP toolkit.

For more information please read the WACT Documentation Philosophy.

WACT: Copyright 2003 Procata, Inc. Released under the LGPL license (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html)
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